Another Compile question

I fear that the options in Compile have outpaced my intellectual capacities! I feel that I’m at the controls of a 747 - it’s powerful, but I know I’m going to crash it!

I’m trying to do something very simple, I believe. I have the chapter title centered and set at 18 points, with a Preserve Formatting box around it. But when I Compile, the font size changes to what I have set the rest of the text to, using ‘Override text and notes formatting.’

So, once again, what am I doing wrong?

That’s weird, and I have no explanation for why the preserve formatting box isn’t doing its job, but there is an alternative to having the title inside the text of your documents that might prove an expedient solution.

Depending on how you’ve structured your binder, you can have Scrivener automatically set the title to be the name of the document/folder at a given level. If you do that, then in your compile settings, you can set the title to be an font/size/alignment you want, and it will automatically pick that up. If you made that adjustment (assuming your document/folder names are the titles you want), then you could remove the titles from the text of your documents, and everything should turn out the way you like. Added bonus: you only have to go to one place to adjust the font if you decide to change it.

Go to your compile settings (or better yet, create a new project from the Novel template, copy in a couple of your chapters from your current project…) and see how it’s set up by default, which I believe includes the titles of level one documents and/or the titles of level 1 folders.

Hi Robert,

Yes, I have experimented with the option of automatically including the folder and file Binder titles. I decided not to go that route for several reasons. First, my titles are often long and I have the Binder window set to be quite narrow, so they become hard to read. Second, I divide my text into many small files and don’t want to include all their titles. I know I can set Compile to include only those titles for files that are at specific depths in the Binder, but that means I have to be thinking about the depth when I’m writing, and I don’t want to have to do that. Third, I tried to configure automatic numbering of titles in Compile, but without success. If I remember correctly they wouldn’t reset for a new chapter. I think this may have been a bug fixed in the current version, but I haven’t gone back to try again. Faced with these various problems and inconveniences I decided simply to include the titles in the text.

But I may have to go back to the option you suggest if I can’t set the title font size to be preserved by Compile.

I’ve changed the subject line for greater accuracy. It’s happened again: I have several paragraphs of text that I have set to a smaller font and smaller line spacing than the regular text I use while composing, and with a background color. I have selected Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting for these paragraphs (and I’ve just double checked - the check mark appears next to this option when the cursor is in these paragraphs). But when I compile, the color is there but the font and spacing have been changed.

HOWEVER!!! these paragraphs are right after the title, whose format I was trying to preserve (see my first message). I now do NOT have Preserve Formatting turned on for the title, but its font size and centering ARE preserved!!

Either the heat has gone to my head, or … is it possible that (somehow) Preserve Formatting is getting applied to the paragraph it follows rather than the paragraph is should apply to?

Just a quick question … in the “General” pane of the Inspector, do you have “Compile As-Is” ticked for each file, and could this setting be conflicting with what you are setting via the options in the compiler and what you are setting in the editor for preserve formatting on these various paragraphs?

From your last post, it seems you have some sort of settings conflict going on, and although I don’t have as much experience as Robert in these things, that is somewhere I’d look.


You’re absolutely right, Mark. I’ll claim that I’m not a complete idiot; I did spot this before you posted, a few hours after my last message.

I’ve been using Scrivener for, I dunno, more than 5 years, and I’m finding Compile more confusing, not less. There are three ways to preserve formatting: by defining a block of text; in the Inspector; and tucked way in the Compile window. I wonder if this hasn’t become a bit unnecessarily confusing?

Just to pursue my own line of wishful thinking: an Inspector window, in which there is a Preserve Formatting pane that gives one the option to apply a setting to (1) just the current selection, (2) just the current document, or (3) all documents of this type (file, folder) and level in the Binder. Might that not work?

I think part of the problem I am having is that some of these options don’t appear until one is ready to export, which for me is infrequent and a long way into a project.

One more puzzlement: I’ve been using Preserve Formatting not just for titles but also for the indentation in block quotations. Now I see that ones where I forget to set the option still maintain their indentation when compiled! Now I just have to figure out why… :slight_smile: