Another corkboard issue [BUG LOGGED]

When working in corkboard view I went to the icon in the bottom right hand corner which allows you to change the size of index cards, their ratio and spacing. This worked fine but when I closed the programme and came back to it later none of the changes were saved (despite me manually saving regularly). This has happened each time that I have tried this - e.g the changes are made but not saved.

Okay, thanks. I’d add this to the list of things to fix.


I noticed the same thing - I set up a calendar with seven cards across the board - When I exit and come back in there are three cards per column - of the size specified - and if I move one of the cards into position - I get the seven across again.

(figure this detail might help)

additional information - if the corkboard is not showing when you save/exit and come back in - the layout remains correct - if you have the corkboard on screen, it gets messed up.