Another dumb question about targets...

OK, so I’ve set my ‘Project Target’ and all is well. What I’d like to do now is set targets for each of my documents. I can pull up the columns for ‘Target’ and ‘Progress’ in the Outliner, but I can’t for the life of me work out how to set those targets, so they all show as 0 at the moment.

Does this make sense to anyone? :blush:


Two ways: you can either double-click on the target in the column you have revealed in the outliner - that will allow you to edit it; or you can click on the little grey target button that appears on the right of the footer view beneath each text document when shown in the main editor.

Hope that helps!

Oh wow, it was that easy!

I’ve been fiddling about with it all afternoon :blush:

Many many thanks :slight_smile: