another new book written in Scrivener - my first

The forum description says to boast here. Well, OK then, if I must… . My first book, written entirely in Scrivener, is out now. It’s the book I mentioned here some time ago in this thread. Scrivener turned out to be an excellent tool for this book, a kind of lexicon of an academic subject (linguistic pragmatics). Each headword has its own document in the draft folder: 228 in total.

Many thanks to Keith for Scrivener. I have no idea if I would have been able to write this book without it and I’m very glad I didn’t have to try. Thanks also to the community here for numerous tips and endless distraction…

Congratulations! Linguistics is fascinating and the book does look useful. I hope it brings you success of various kinds!

Congratulations and Good Luck for a successful launch.

Who`s gonna argue with a Prof? :smiley:


Not me. Or at least, not with that one…

Thank you both, Plette and vic-k!