Another one notched up to Scrivener

Just delivered my first all-done-in-Scrivener book. Seamless and simple; this one’s a collaboration so I’ve been getting all sorts of weird files from my co-writer – word, RTF, some with styles, some with manually-done blockquotes, you name it. Scrivener was perfect. Rock-solid, easy to work with, keywording, status and colured index cards to keep our stuff easily-identified, and drag-and-drop reorganizaton was a godsend. I have three quibbles but they’re tiny and I’ll post them elsewhere. This is just to express my admiration, Keith, for your having produced an (almost) flawless wrtiers’ toolbench. Pity I can’t spell “writers’” but sod it. I think this has been a real sea-trial for Scrivener and it’s passed with flying colours. Damn well done. (I mean I knew that before, but now it’s official.)

Oh - and one other thing. Having tarted the MS up a bit with Nisus – no problems there, contrary to jdiski’s experience – I imported the whole RTF file back into a new Scriv project, went through it dividing it into chapter headings again, and now I have a clean, formatted manuscript PLUS all the editing tools of Scrivener for when the publishers start kicking off – approx. 0931 tomorrow. Today, I mean. I’m very happy.

Congratulations! What’s the book? Fiction or non-fiction?


Thanks Michael. :slight_smile: Pity I looked here before the Wish List forum - now I know there’s going to be something waiting there for me from you - and I only just got through adding “Append/create plain text clipping” and “Append clipping to notes” services, too…

Congratulations on delivering the book!

@Magnus – non-fiction. Out from Faber & Faber in October.

@Keith – delighted to hear about the notes. Now where the hell is that time machine, for rolling back missed deadlines?

I’d let you borrow mine, but it broke down tomorrow. :mrgreen:

I dont know why the feck Im sat ere, trying to think of something funny to say, by way of a hearty congrats, because Ive just realised, I cant for the life of me, remember who the hell Ive lent my copies of Big Babies and Lost Worlds to :open_mouth: [size=50]shit!..shit!..shit![/size]

Here`s wishing you a trouble free run up to a successful launch in October :smiley:

Take care

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Priceless!! Almost a Bywaterism