Another order in stepoutline...?

Dear Keith,
thank you for the latest Scrivener Version. It really works great and i like it a lot!
I have a question and i hope, I can make myself understandable:
I´m working on a script with several protagonists. From time to time, i want to see just the scenes with one of my characters in the order they appear in the script, without the other scenes. So i labled each of the scenes to another protagonists in the outline menu and gave it another colour. So than i hit the “character” (i called it that way) button in the outline menu and all the,let´s say “Michael” scenes, appear one after another in the outline menu. But they have the alphabetical order of their Headlines, not in the order I´ve put them, so it doesn´t help me. I want to see just the “michael” scenes in the chronological way they appear in the script.
I tried to work with the collection tool, and it works better, but here, I´m forced to use the colour of the collection. Isn´t it possible, that i choose the colour of the latest collection, so I don´t have to rethink the colours I gave each of my characters?
Or maybe there is even an easier way to achieve, what i want.
Many greetings and keep up the good work!

The collections feature is definitely the best way of doing this - that is exactly the sort of thing collections are for, in fact. Just run a search on label only using the toolbar search field and menu and save the search as a collection. Do this for each protagonist. You can customise the colour of each collection to whatever you want. Just select the collection and double-click on the colour square on the right of its tab in the collections list.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks for the quick reply and thats the best way to do it indeed!