Another Poor Schmoe With That Synching (Sinking) Feeling

I have a Scrivener Project called Raven-Current. When I first loaded up my SiOS Scrivener (iPhone 6s) , it synced fine. At some point, however, Chapters 49-63 moved from their proper place to become subfolders under Chapter 48. The project is structured correctly in Dropbox, but I can’t the Dropbox version into my iPhone. I’ve synced several times without success. All subdocs are intact; only the folder structure is wrong. At one point I got a message asking me to “Resolve Conflicts.” I clicked yes. A “_Recoverd Files” folder appeared in the project, but it is empty. What I need to do is get rid of the scrambled version of Raven-Current and push the good one down from Dropbox. How do I delete a project from SiOS?

In the general settings for ios Scrivener,* there is a Reset Scrivener submenu. In there you can Clear Dropbox Sync Cache. This will force Scrivener to do a through compare of what it has and what Dropbox has (instead of relaying on the things that Dropbox says have changed). I think this is what you are looking for.

Doing this will only help you, of course, if the project itself is in the correct shape. I am assuming that your project looks right when you open it in macScriv.


  • The general app settings for Scrivener are in the Settings app.

Blessings be upon your head, mighty GR, and may caramels, carnations and calliopes adorn your path. It worked. Henceforth, I shall be careful to close my SiOS projects as I finish working on them, on whatever device that may be. I know this isn’t supposed to be nessecary, but leaving documents open to accumulate conflicting changes seems to be the root of all synch sin. In fact, I shall get in the habit of closing Scrivener when I am done with it for the time being. Keep well, oh Wise One.