Another question having to do with styles

first of all I want to thank all the people that have replied to my newbie questions and have helped me tremendously!
My new question has to do with styles.
I have created several chapters that I have created, and I want to compile them individually for printing into separate chapter pdf files for review.
When I do, they all Print with different fonts and formatting, even though I click on duplicate chapters and then just replace the text. How can I set this up so that each file prints identically? And then how do I set that up as a default?
Thanx again for all the help.

  1. Do the font and formatting of the chapter texts look the same in Scrivener (i.e., before compile)? That is, are you trying to get Compile to help you regularize docs that are not uniform going-in?

  2. You were thinking your question was about styles. Now, standard practice in Scrivener is not to assign a defined style to your regular body paragraphs. Typical paragraphs should be assigned No Style. That enables Compile to easily take control of and regularize the look of your compiled output. So, do your paragraphs in the various chapters have defined styles assigned to them?

  3. When you invoke Compile, what does the rightmost column in the dialog box say about what Section Type(s) are being assigned to the different chapter docs? Is the same section being assigned to each?

  4. What Compile Format are you using to compile to PDF? Knowing this may help to diagnose what is tripping you up and get you on the right path.