another request: short-cut for "date and time"

just another request to consider, and possible to improve lovely scrivener windows:

a short-cut to add current Date and Time within the text.

I time-stamp parts or sections of text to get track of writing and re-writing as well as to mark journal entries - even within a text, so the “modified date” is not precise enough. A short cut for date and time, would be a time-stamp on your fingertip.

In MS word it is:
Alt + Shift + D to insert the current date.
Alt + Shift + T to insert the current time.

Tnaks Simo.

So, was this ever added? I tried using the above-mentioned shortcuts to no avail, and I still don’t see a shortcut mentioned via the edit menu.


No, this feature hasn’t been added at present. There is an option for adding a placeholder for the date, so it will be filled in when compiling, but for what you’re after here, I’d suggest using something like AutoHotKey or Phrase Express to create a global shortcut to insert the date or time stamp to your specifications. (AHK is free and Phrase Express is free for personal use.) These are handy programs for a lot of other insertions, auto-corrections, and text expansions as well.

I use the heck out of ShortKeys, though I never thought of using them for date/time. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for the suggestions!