Another Scrivener-created novel ...

Just thought I’d mention that my next book, “Rule 34”, was written more or less entirely in Scrivener. Without which it probably wouldn’t have been possible because there are some, ahem, complicated intertwined plot threads …

Due out July 6th from Ace (in the USA) and Orbit (in the UK and commonwealth)., in case you were curious. (Flagged as unavailable 'coz it’s not published yet. Link to for an American book cover because is sulking right now.)

Nice, thanks for the update on the new book. In the US Amazon store it comes up as “Rule 34 (Halting State)” Same universe as the prior work?

Great! Thanks for letting us know, and great to hear that Scrivener came in useful during writing this one. Shame it’s not possible to pre-order it from just yet, but I’ve made a note to myself to order it when it’s available.

Nice title, by the way!

All the best,

Yup, it’s a (distant) sequel.

Orbit will be publishing it in the UK, Ace in the USA – Amazon are, as usual, screwy this far ahead of publication (it’s four months out).