Another TOC problem

I am using Scrivener Mac and compiling to .odt (I know .rtf is better but need to use .odt because of the Svrivener/Zotero workaround).

I have set up a TOC in the Front matter and successfully used Copy Special-Copy Docs as TOC. When I open in Libre Office all of the TOC references are good (some 40+) except two in the middle of the list. I have gone back to Scrivener and tried to see if there is anything different about them - nothing that I can find. Each heading in the binder contains a <$hn>, in the TOC document when I click on the <$p> I get back to the original document. Also, I did the whole lot at the same time ie selected all the documents and copied as TOC so there were no late additions, nothing out of order.

Any suggestions? Cheers

When you say the link isn’t good in LibreOffice, in what way do you mean that? Do you get something like “Error! Bookmark not defined”?