Another use for Scrivener: E-book reader

I am new to the Mac, and was browsing around to find a nice ebook reader, since I sometimes read books off of Then I had a brainstorm: why not use a Scrivener file as my ebook library? Each book could have a notecard, and I of course could read them in full-screen mode.

I think it will work. I just put Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” into a file, and it looks great full-screen with green letters on a black page.

Good Idea- hadn’t occurred to me. And you could use annotations and highlights - which are both searchable in scrivener – to mark up a text.

I love coming up with alternate uses for Scrivener - it helps me generate annoying feature requests for Keith :slight_smile:


I use Scrivener for analyzing books. I think it’s a good tool for that. I only use it for non-fiction. Right now I’m reading and analyzing “Programming in Objective-C” by Stephen G. Kochan using Scrivener :slight_smile:. I use different color highlights for different things: yellow for important keywords, pink for things I do not understand, blue for important stuff I have to test and so on. I just whish you could export the different highlights just as you can export annotations (in the new beta). In that way I could have list of different aspects (views) of the book.

I bought it as a book, where did you get a digital version?


I’ve entered it by hand :frowning:. Next time I’ll buy a decent scanner. I wish more publishing companies would sell their books as pdf as well as hard copies. Especially important for us who live in the outskirts of civilization.