Another View

Please consider another view option whereby, if one clicks on a folder
in the Binder, the contents of all of the subordinate text documents
will be shown together with a faint dotted or dashed line between each
document. It would be great if this was an editable view.

This would allow someone to view and/or edit an entire section of a
document without having to resort to a “Compile Draft”, etc.

Using this, one couse work on individual text documents by clicking on them,
or they could view or work on, say, an entire chapter by clicking on the
chapter in the Binder.

If you don’t insist on dotted or dashed lines as separators of the text chunks and accept alternating backgrounds instead – then this feature is there already!

And it is called … Edit Scrivenings!

Mark the complete draft folder or one of it’s sub folders, click Edit Scrivenings, and voilà ! (Or make it the default view in the preferences straightaway.)

Thank you for pointing that out. Sorry I missed it.

Using alternating backgrounds works fine for me… for now.
I suppose it might be possible that someday it might visually “collide”
with the use of the “Highlight” feature, especially if user-definable
highlight colors are allowed.

But, for now, this works just fine and does what I was asking for.


Even if you regularly highlighted 2,000 word chunks of text, the background colour is distinct from the highlight colour because one extends past the margins and the other does not. :slight_smile: