Another way to search for Keywords within the HUD.

So, I have hundreds of keywords and while I can highlight one and press search, I thought it would be a nice idea if there was a way to search for only the keywords themselves.

Example: I swear I had used a certain keyword before and didn’t want to create a duplicate / similar keyword. In the HUD I ended up having to expand all my nested keywords before finally finding that I had a similar keyword.

What I think would work best would be a search field in the HUD where if I type “A” then everything that starts with that letter populates the HUD–similar to how search results appear in the binder. Another idea would have a “auto complete” type interface, similar to when you start typing a word and press the ESC key, only inside the inspector keyword panel. You already have a partial auto complete in place but it only works if you know the keyword to begin with.

You can already do something like this:

  1. With the focus in the keywords area, hit cmd-9 to expand all keywords.

  2. Now type the name of the keyword you want to find.

The selection will automatically change to find the first keyword matching whatever you type. Once it’s selected, type again to find the next keyword with the same name.

Hope that helps.

All the best,