Another wish list (iPad)

I quite like the way SimpleNote syncs, but it would be nice to see it done better. For example to have all documents appear in the right order, within folders if possible. Because SimpleNote syncs out of order in some strange way of its own I rarely upload more than a handful of text documents at any one time.
Ideally I would like to have all the documents in my draft folder uploaded to my iPad and then be able to easily sync any text changes or document merging/splitting/re-ordering changes back to my iMac and visa versa.

It would be useful, but not vital (for me), for my research folder to be synced to the iPad. Failing this it would be good to have some way of syncing back any new research captured on my iPad to the iMac.

Comments/document notes/footnotes
Useful to have access to these, but not vital (again, for me). If I had to choose one it would be document notes.

Project notes/Scratch pad
Either, or both, would be handy.

Corkboard looks good, but I don’t use it that much (though I might play with it more if I could use my finger to shift cards about). If I could have only one, it would be the Outliner view.

Compose view
I enjoy writing in Compose view. I like to be able to resize the text so it’s roughly the width of a paperback page.

Would it be possible to password protect the app or draft in some way?

That’s about it for me. I use Scrivener for creative writing. I need a simple reliable writing tool that will let me bash out words when I’m out and about. In my case I would use the iPad version as an adjunct to the full version on my iMac. I don’t tend to use features such as split screen which I think are more useful to people producing factual content.