Another Wish: Zoom


I´ve just started to write a little short stroy for school, and I think it would be great to have zoom while you are writing a text. For example, when you´re writing quite small, like 10,11 or 12, it would be a good when there would be a possibility to zoom in so that you view you text better.


Not to suggest this isn’t a good idea—it certainly is—but do keep in mind you needn’t write in 10pt font unless you really want to. If you use the compiler to reformat your text when you export, then you can write in whatever font and size are comfortable to you.

I use the Mac version, which already has this feature. I don’t know if Windows does – or where it would be hidden – but presumably it’s on its way.

(On the Mac, the zoom control is at the lower left of the edit pane.)


Yeah it’s not yet implemented for the Windows version, and from what I understand it is much more challenging to do so. On the Mac there is a system in place for just dropping that functionality into a text area, but it would have to be coded by hand for Windows, so I believe it might not even be on the table for 1.0 release.