Another Word Count question

I found out via another thread how to get my word count back to appearing at the bottom of my document, by clicking Cmd + 3. But…the word count keeps disappearing. Why does this happen and is there a way to keep it permanently showing? I haven’t switched to Edit Scrivenings…which I do understand can get rid of that word count.

Maybe the powers that be could make it so we don’t lose the word count feature when going back and forth to Edit Scrivenings? I wouldn’t mind seeing my total word count every where I go.

It only disappears in Edit Scrivenings if the first document in Edit Scrivenings is set to script mode. The powers that be (that would be me) have done everything their (my) power to make this as easy as possible - a document can be in scriptwriting mode, or not. The user has to switch into scriptwriting mode, so it’s not like it just happens at random; the user has to do this him- or herself (of course I cannot allow for accidental key-presses). New documents created use the mode last used, which is pretty sensible as if you are in scriptwriting mode, the chances are that the next document you want to create will also be a script document.

One thing that can confuse users I have found is that the “Format” toolbar icon (which you have to add yourself; it’s not there by default) switches between script and text formatting; some users mistake this for doing something else, it seems, and this has led them to wonder where the word count has gone. I’ll make that icon more obvious for the next version.

So you can see your word count wherever you go - you just need to avoid accidentally entering script mode, which takes a deliberate key press or menu selection on your part.

Thanks oh power that bees. :smiley: I didn’t even know about the Format tool. I put it on my toolbar and sure enough, it turned word count on and off. But I’ve never used it.

Can you tell me how to edit my profile, I’d like to add a signature. Thanks again!

I think it would be more fun if we all remained quiet…and let you figure out that one for yourself. :open_mouth:

I figured it out all by myself even before you responded. So there. :smiley:

Yep, the format toolbar icon, that has got a few people, so it makes sense that confused you too - the trouble is that it doesn’t reveal its true function except in its tool-tip, and all though the icon is supposed to represent a script with a double arrow to a prose document, in conjunction with the “Format” description it’s not obvious…
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Thanks for defending me. I like that in a person. :smiley:

My pleasure. Did you find the User Control Panel? :bulb: