Another year, another book!

Finally! It’s done! :smiley:

Out on Amazon, courtesy of my bizarre imagination and Keith’s software engineering skills.

The new book is called Leonard Bliss and the Accountant of the Apocalypse, and tells of an eventful few weeks in the lives of the immortals who run the Afterlife. … 00BFFE8WU/


"Her keystrokes became keystabs."… Cumon! y’ did tha’ on purpose didn’t y :laughing: :laughing: Very chucklesome, and well written first 500w. Rest betta match up…or y’ll get a bill for three quid! :open_mouth:

Congrats! Looks like another gud ‘n’ :wink:

Well, I think it is. It’s a bit of a departure from the stuff I usually write, but I’ve been wanting to have a go at a comedy for ages.


Boy am I glad I don’t live inside your head!! :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: It’s as funny as hell!! [size=200]+[/size]<---- and it’s a big plus:
it’s very very, well written.

Hmm, reading between the lines, I think our esteemed Sir Vic liked it.

Gotta love a review like that. :smiley:

Polish up on our tenses! :open_mouth: ‘Liked’, is past, whereas I, am very much in the present, and, at this very moment, am gleefully contemplating another chapter or two, of, LB[size=50]AT[/size]A[size=50]OT[/size]A, as I also intend to continue doing at suitable and convenient intervals throughout the day, which I believe, projects us into the future.

In anticipation of your obsequious and grovelling apology.
Yours [size=50](or whatever)[/size]

Kind words, Vic. Thank you very much.


Your Honourable, the Venerable vic-k,

I prostrate myself before your mercy and humbly request your gracious forgiveness for the intolerable, albeit accidental, misrepresentation of the chronography of your being. The error, made in good faith and with no ill-intent, was mine and I am mortified to think I may have besmirched your good name.

To you Sir Vic-k, to the esteemed and noble Rayz, and to all who may perambulate through these boards and witness my malfeasance, I apologise unreservedly.

Your most humble servant,

PS I’m looking forward to reading Rayz book! :slight_smile:

Faithful Equerry,
Stand easy, relax…’tis I at fault, not your trusty self. I am too harsh. For: “It is a truth universally acknowledged”, is it not, that colonials at best, are less than the rest? A variable already factored into the equation. I should know better, and make the necessary accommodation/allowance.

Buy the book, stouthearted squire, and enjoy. But do avoid standing in queues, where one’s sudden outburst of laughter, or uncontrollable bouts of giggling, could lead to one being ostracised by one’s fellow queuers. For this is the, ’After-life’, based on ‘Real life’.

Vic (Sir)

I kind of figured that if we were all made in God’s image, then he must have days when he’d just rather not get out of bed.

Why thank you, Nom. :smiley:

I hope you enjoy it as much as Vic does!

I don’t know if it’s me that’s behind the door,or what, but the whole thing comes across as so believable.
What’s more, I think it would make a really entertaining movie.

Just think of immortals as having the same problems and anxieties as humans, but over a slightly longer period of time. :confused:

Now you said that about the last book, and a small production outfit in London did agree with you. I think this might share the same problem as Regarding Avalon: To do it properly would take a lot of money. :frowning:

… and me buckling down to finish the script. :blush:

Well! That’s it finished, and a thoroughly enjoyable, satisfying experience it was, too. :smiley:
With little or no deviation from the book, I’d love to see it on the screen. :wink:
Good luck with the script,

I’m very glad you enjoyed it. :smiley:
I’ll crack on with the script for Leonard Bliss when I’ve finished Regarding Avalon.

Thanks again, Vic.

Actually Vic, I really like this. Can I steal it for a tweet?


'Tis yours to do with as you see fit. You’ve earned it. It’s the truth. But thanks for asking.

Be it personally or anecdotally, I’ve known; I know, or I know of people like those that populate LBatAotA. :wink:

I can’t help noticing that Vic-K is threatening to profiteer. It’s just as well he loved the book, or he would have tried to extort more money from the author than the book cost. Only a penny, I know, but it’s the principle that counts! Moral reprehensibility, that’s what I call it. :wink:

The book looks very entertaining, Rayz, and is Whispersyncing its way to my Kindle as I write.