Anthology and novel

I mentioned in Writer’s Block that I’ve got a novel, BONE MACHINES, coming out. I’m delighted to say, too, that my short story, EIGHT LANE MESSIAH, appears in a new anthology, OLD BLOOD, NEW SOULS, alongside some big names from the horror field, available from Lulu.Com:
Prepare to cross over to an unexplored region - where imagination soars to new heights and feeds its most loathsome desires. Few writers have the talent to give the reader that which they desire - fewer still, the raw, cold nerve to seek it out. But now the old blood of Alan Moore, Bentley Little, Graham Masterton, Guy N. Smith, Tom Piccirilli and Tim Lebbon and the new souls of Joanne Shemmans, Barry J. House, Marc Shemmans, James Howlett, Leila Eadie, John Dodds, Carole Hall, Kevin Etheridge and John Messier will take your hand and lead you beyond terror’s farthest frontiers to confront the unspeakable nightmares that lurk in the darkest hidden corners of the mind.