Anthology - multiple front matters and levels

I am creating an anthology. I need a front and back matter for the entire thing but I also need front and back matter for each individual book. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

[code]Anthology title
Anthology front matter sections
Anthology TOC
Book first…page ?
Book second…page ?

Book last…page?

Book first title
Book first front matter sections
Book first TOC
Chapter One…?
Chapter Two…?

Chapter last…?
Book first contents
Book first back matter sections

Book second title
Book second front matter sections
Book second TOC
Chapter One…?
Chapter Two…?

Chapter last…?
Book second contents
Book second back matter sections

Book last title
Book last front matter sections
Book last TOC
Chapter One…?
Chapter Two…?

Chapter last…?
Book last contents
Book last back matter sections

Anthology back matter sections[/code]

What’s the best way to set this up? I’m having trouble getting Scrivener to separate the individual book front matter sections into different levels to those books’ chapter levels. If you look at the screenshot attached (Anthology configuration 1), I’ve separated into a folder the sections of the front matter for the first book but the compiler indicates that those sections are the same level as the chapters. I want to display the title for each chapter but NOT for the front matter sections. Because Scrivener thinks both are the same level, I can’t distinguish the formatting/configuration between them. How do I tell Scrivener that front matter sections are a different level to the book chapter sections? Why is everything showing as Level 2+?

Curiously, there is a single section that is showing as Level 1 (see the second screenshot - Anthology configuration 2). What’s going on here? How is it that this section is a Level 1 but the other sections inside that very same folder aren’t? What do you do to a section to dictate which level it is identified as in the compiler?

It looks like you have the Front Matter folder inside of your anthology. Suggest that you move the Front Matter above “Ever in the After”, the folder, in the Binder. At that point, things should start working for you.