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I’m a new Scrivener user and the director of the nonprofit Uptown Stories in Washington Heights. Our mission is to inspire kids to discover and develop their inner voices in a diverse community of writers. We offer pay-what-you-can writing workshops led by master teachers and professional writers in fiction, poetry, screenwriting, fantasy, and comics, all of which culminate in a celebratory reading and a print anthology. … wn+stories

Unfortunately, the volunteer designer we used for our previous anthologies is not available, and I know she was using In-Design.

So I would love to create an anthology template that we could use each semester to bring together all the kids’ work. At the very least, it would need to have a Table of Contents with the author names and story titles. Right now, those stories exist as about 100 separate files in Google Drive.

Does anyone have suggestions how to do this? Is there any way to import the Google Drive files besides copying and pasting?

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I’m no expert on TOC, but importing is easy enough. I would first create a folder on Google and drag all the anthology files into it. Then Drag and Drop the folder from Google onto the Binder in your new Scrivener project. (If Scrivener won’t take a folder direct from Drive - though it should, if the Drive is considered an extension of your computer - then just download the new folder to your Mac’s desktop and THEN do the Drag’n’Drop). The folder’s structure will be replicated, and the contents imported to the project.

I’d say that the Paperback Novel template is a good one to start with. Each “Chapter” would probably be a single file. Your submission guidelines would include how to name the file they submit, something like “TITLE by Author”, so that the ToC is easy to create, and you wouldn’t have to spend much time editing names of the files you import. If you subdivide the anthology into sections, such as “Screen Plays”, “Short Stories” and “Poetry”, then consider starting with the “Paperback Novel with Parts” template and work from that.

You would probably want to alter the compile settings to suppress “Chapter X” since they’re not chapters of a single story.

The tough part is if you include fiction, poetry and scripts, in the same project as the formatting for each is often vastly different. You may have to go through each submissions and mark some with the “as-is” checkbox after altering the font to conform to the rest of the book… I would assume that you don’t want the font size to vary more than two points throughout the book.

To create a template for the anthology, I suggest that you just keep tweaking and changing settings and structure until you’re happy with the first anthology. Then save a copy, clear out all of the actual writing until you just have a suggested structure (as you get when starting from a pre-packaged template), and only then use the File->Save As Template menu. You’ll be constantly trying to re-do your template if you try to set it up before you’ve actually produced an anthology in Scrivener.

Good luck!

Thank you both! This is excellent advice. I think creating one and then retroactively turning it into a template is an excellent idea.

Can you tell me where I can find the paperback novel with parts template?


If you create a new project you will see a series of template groups. Choose ‘Fiction’, then ‘Novel (with parts)’.

Hi folks,

This may not be the proper place to make sure a request, but I’m wondering if I could hire one of you to help me create this template. In starting to dig into Scrivner, I see it’s a fantastic but a complicated tool, and I honestly don’t have the time to learn everything I need to learn to do this well. Uptown Stories is a fledgling nonprofit organization, and I’m one of a total of two employees, so I would love to find an expert who can help me make this next step. Do you have any interest in helping us out?

Thanks again,