Anti-dyslexia software

Ok so the embarrassing thing is, as I get older, I find myself more and more dyslexic.

In particular, the faster I think the harder it is for my hands to keep up with the typing and I kind of put my typing into neutral and let it do the utmost to keep up and just focus on keeping the thread of the story in my mind until each sentence, paragraph or scene is committed to paper/screen.

And then I find that the words I have typed are valid words, but completely the wrong ones!

Obviously I attempt to proof-read my text but I sometimes miss the smaller words. I’d rather not submit a flawed text to a publisher so… is there any clever software out that that not only checks spelling and grammar, not only looks for cliches and overused phrases, but highlights text that might, potentially, be the result of dyslexia and not true creative thought?


David Pogue wrote a column in the NYT explaining how he can be so productive.
You might find some of his tips helpful: … email.html
It boils down to typing expansion and dictation software.
They will get you through the problems you have while drafting.

As for proofing, I’m only familiar with the tools in Word.
And I often found them annoying or inadequate.
You’d be better off hiring a professional editor to correct your files.
Many advertise on craigslist; see also media bistro; the freelance marketplace

If you want actual software to help improve your dyslexia and not just compensate for it, try Fast ForWord. Some of my students participated in a clinical trial and it actually works.

Tallal et al. (1996) Science, v. 271 pp. 81-84

The U.S. Field trial was in 1999 with over 400 children. (Some of whom are now my students at the University.)

It is now a regular package that can be purchased but I don’t know the details. They were looking to run a trial on “older students.” I do not know if that happened yet or not. If not, you might consider taking part and getting the software for free.