Anti-Slacking Software

A couple of word-count trackers:

An Excel template that also works for Numbers, created by the husband of writer Kristall Shaff…

… and a very simple iPhone/iPod gizmo called WriteChain, created by Jamie Grove.


Thanks for the props, Hugh! As a devoted Scrivener user, it’s nice to be mentioned here. :smiley:

Hey Jamie - I downloaded WriteChain last night. I like the writing chain idea (I mean, I really like the idea), but there’s one aspect that keeps me from immediately using it. I frequently write long-hand, so a word count is both time-consuming and frustrating, and hence unlikely. It’s much easier for me to set a goal of writing 60 minutes a day (heck, even 10 minutes some days) than to set a goal of xx words. Any possibility of an option to record minutes instead of words? Pretty please?

I am also interested in other’s thoughts or recommendations. Any suggestions or recommendations people?