Antidote: French spellchecker and language tool

One of the most important tools for French language writing is Antidote. (
Could the programmers collaborate with the Antidote counterparts so Scrivener can integrate it?



This has been asked multiple times. Spell-checking in Scrivener for Windows v. 1 is done using Aspell, and its associated dictionaries. In v. 3 (now in advanced beta) it is done using Hunspell, I believe, and its associated dictionaries. Antidote must fantastique, because everyone writing in French wants Scrivener to use it. But there are (I think) limitations in what can be integrated into Hunspell, and there are good reasons for using Hunspell that … that someone else will have to explain, but they do exist.

Antidote is really desirable. It’s more than just a spellchecker, it’s also a dictionary and grammar checker. It’s intergrated in Word and Open office and Internet Browsers and also Mailing software. It really has to come onboard.

Strictly by the definition of “have to” only KB can say that.

This discussion really should be in the Wish List section, because I can’t see making this kind of change to just one version of Scrivener.

Hi, this is my first post here.
I was searching some infos about Scrivener 3 on Windows and Antidote compatibility.
As Antidote is able to analyze sentences structures, detect repetitions, highlight the possible confusion between two similar words (as et/est or a/à), and so much other things, it’s imo the perfect tool to correct a manuscript.
I know that it’s compatible with the Mac version, and it would be great if Windows users could have this possibility too, someday.
Actually, we have to compile and open our manuscripts with Word or Open/Libre Office programs, or to copy /paste directly in Antidote, in order to correct with it. So, if we want to have all the corrections in Scrivener, we have to copy/paste each part in Scrivener after that.
That’s something I don’t want to do as my final manuscripts have easily 200 different scenes, so my Scrivener files are never totally clean and when I have to rework a novel after the correction phase, I can’t do it on Scrivener…

This is definitely wish list territory, but I’m adding a vote nonetheless. Antidote is, by far, the best solution for french speakers. They also have an english module if anyone wants to try it. It’s so much more than a spell checker it’s not even funny.

Same remark as in previous comments. Antidote is a useful tool to work in French language. It is already integrated in Scrivener 3 for macOS users.
I don’t understand why this functionality isn’t proposed for the Scrivener Windows users to help writing.
Is it possible to keep us informed about the integration of Antidote in the Windows release of Scrivener 3?
Best regards.

Not quite. It is using base-level integration that MacOS provides to all natively developed applications for the Mac version of Scrivener. There’s no special integration that either Scrivener or Antidote have made for each other, you literally get a higher level of interoperability through native MacOS functionality.

Windows doesn’t provide that same level of baseline integration, and as an additional difficulty Scrivener is not quite a native Windows application – it’s built on top of the Qt development framework.