Antidote - Language

Hi there!

I’m french and I’m used to work with “Antidote”, a software to check spelling, errors, repetition and all that. So, there’s two questions in one:

How can I check my text in french language (Québec) with Scrivener for Windows, and will I need to get Antidote to be an add-on like on my current openoffice software?

Tried to be clear, don’t hesitate to ask if I wasn’t.

I am also very much interested in using Antidote HD with Scrivener (Mac version). If someone has already tried to use them together, i would like to know whether it works well or not?
If it works, are all Antidote functionnalities available in Scrivener 2.0?
Thanks a lot for your help.

By the way, If you know an alternative (french) software doing the same job as Antidote and that works fine with Scrivener, please let me know :wink:

bonjour !
in engl. :wink: Antidote is a great tool, even fullscreen mode now ( quit /automatic reset : 2 seconds interruption is ok).
What you get : wheter normal or full screen mode : select right clic : - as per png attachment
antidote options appear in bottom of right clic window (scroll down this window attachment if necessary)
(from fullscreen mode – mac osx version)
what else ?

I could appreciate a second dictionary, more classical french literature and inspired… if any experience, would be happy to investigate
(antidote though is a perfect strict and reasonably priced tool)
so far to my point, just feed back
cheers, greetings

Bonjour à tous,
Thank you mcbend for your feedback.
I have written to AntidoteHD’ support team and asked them to test the full compatibility of Scrivener with their own software. Thank to Scrivener policy, the software is available for 15-day free trial!
I hope they’ll do it and - hopefully - they will add Scrivener2.0 on their list of compatible softwares (
Wait and see :wink:

Thank to the comments i read, I finally bought Antidote and installed it on my mac. Though corrections can’t take place in Scrivener, the selected text can easily be opened in an Antidote window (available from the contextual menu). There is no need to copy - paste the corrected text back to Scrivener since all corrections are taken into account in Scrivener which is very convenient.

In conclusions, although Antidote cannot - in its current version - be fully integrated to Scrivener (like in OpenOffice or others softwares), it works fine together and, so far, i haven’t met any problem.

So it’ll be the same in the Windows version?

probably… but we’ll need the testimony of a windows user to be sure