Any chance of an update ever? Update policy does not apply

I am attempting to understand the update policy for this software product. I read it on the website in which it states that people shouldn’t expect updates with features. However it does say that bugs are going to be fixed.


I really want to use Scapple but the program is filled with bugs causing minor annoyances. If I stack all of those, I find a product that’s not refined.
So before I go and buy it, I would like to know if it will ever get any updates, as the Mac version had. The latest update for Scapple was never. It’s still version from 2013.

I did report some bugs, either via email or in the forum. I got a workaround for one and no reply on another.

If you don’t plan on updating this for Windows, under a non disclosure agreement and other legal things I would accept to try fixing some issues.