Any elegant export of the Draft folder to DevonThink?

Is there any elegant way to export the content of the Scrivener draft folder to DevonThink so that it preserve the Binder folder structure and names of individual files?

After I finish writing a paper, I am left with the scrivener draft, which I would like to archive in the DT so that I can ‘rediscover’ it when searching DT for something else. The way I draft is that I write the gist of the argument for each paragraph into the binder and then develop the text in scrivener editor. I even do the same for academic papers that I need to review closely. To support the DT sorting functions, I would like to import it paragraph-by-paragraph and preserve the names form the Scrivener Binder as file/folder names in DT.

Any chance for some little script or workaround?


Why not select the Draft folder and use File > Export > Files…? This exports as files and folders using the binder hierarchy.

Hope that helps.

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Plus one could export directly to DevonThink’s In-Folder.