any experience with Zotero bibliography management?

Zotero is a new, open source, bibliography manager.
It works as a plug-in to Firefox.
MIT and other academic libraries seem to think it’s (going to be) superior to Endnote, RefWorks, and others. It stores downloaded web pages and pdfs, integrates with several word processors, etc.

I am a dedicated user of EagleFiler for managing documents (pdfs, word, web, text, just about anything). EF is extremely fast for searches, keeps documents in native form (so any other app can work on them, and there is no risk of corruption), and so forth. But EF lacks bibliography management.

Any comments or experience with Zotero out there?

I don’t like it because, while it’s easy to get info in, as long as you use FireFox, it’s not as easy to get it out in the event you’d like to use something like Bookends, Papers, DevonThink etc.

It’s a great idea and, if you are happy with that alone and FF, it might kick butt.