Any Fiction Writers in Oakland?

I’m a beginner living in Oakland. Anyone here? What do you write?

Although you’re not altogether a new member of Scrivener’s crew, your time aboard being of no length, and your post few, I’ll therefore, avail myself of this opportunity to welcome you aboard Scrivener.

To some members of your species, Cs, freewill is regarded as an inalienable right, and a blessing. Others of your species…the perspicacious ones, considered it to be a curse. Which, of course it is, evinced by your decision to join the crew of the Sea of Literary Endeavour’s, leaking, creaking old pirate ship, Scrivener. We felines aboard Scrivener, have no need of freewill, we just do as we please.

The Articles of Crew Membership, once signed, bind the signee, irrevocably, to the body of the crew… the festering, putrefied company of vociferous pontificators, deadbeats, malcontents, ner’ do ’ells, no hopers, miscreants, Linux users, comma abusers, atrocious spellers, con-men, self-delusionists, verbositists, pedants and adverb addicts (to name but a few of the multifarious deviancies to be (frequently), encountered aboard the ship).

As for crew members from Oakland…well, if we have any, they are wisely maintaining a very low profile. On the other hand, just up the road from you, you’ll find that hell-hole, Portland, in Oregon. Portlanders (Bilge Rattus-Rattus), abound aboard Scrivener. Follow the effluvia, and you’ll find a Portlander skulking about in the vicinity.

Once again, Cs, Welcome aboard Scriv.
Take care

PS Once on board…the only means of escape…is: the plank :open_mouth: :frowning:

But on another note, Keith, I am sure, would be proud of the definition of “Fiction Writer” implied in the title, namely that such a person is only a “Fiction Writer” if they ply their craft using Scrivener. I am sure there must be a legion of people in Oakland turning out verbiage bearing some, little or no relation to reality … but only those using Scrivener can now claim the right to the title “Fiction Writer”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: