Any format preset for stories compilation?

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows how to set up formatting (exporting) for compiled stories without the chapters numbering, or readily has preset to share? Each folder for different languages e.g. A,B, C, and a file for each story; so it looks something like this.

Cover Page
Content Page

I am using Scrivener 3 with windows. Thanks!

I’ve moved this to the Scrivener area, as you had posted it as general discussion.

The simple answer is that most of the built-in formats have alternative title formatting (some without numbering) that you can select from, via the button at the bottom of the preview column in the middle.

That aside, it’s very easy to modify the presets. Easy enough that you probably won’t find custom formats specifically for something like this. You just delete the title prefix (or change it as you need), as described in that thread.

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