Any hope for the tag <$parenttitle> in headers

It would perfectly suit my (probably unusual) needs. This assumes I understand it :laughing:

Thanks for listening.

What is the case where <$sectiontitle> does not work? This placeholder stores the name of the last item that generated a page break, and will go on storing it until a new item creates a break. So in theory it shouldn’t matter how deep your outline gets, the section title will always be “flat”, so to speak.

Ioa, thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

As I suggested, it’s perhaps an unusual case, and after posting this, I found a way to accomplish my goal, though I suspect I’ll be in for additional work if I need to change the TOC.

I’m making a pdf for CreateSpace. The book contains four novellas, each done in chapters. In the Binder, I used four folders, one for each of the stories, and text docs within the folders for the chapters. I wanted the story title to appear in the recto header, but I also want the chapters to begin on a new page. When compiled using the section title tag, the story name appeared through the first chapter, and then (as expected once I read the description) it was replaced by the chapter heading, no matter how I tried to insert the pre-chapter page breaks.

My cheat was to include the printed chapter heading in the text and rename the text documents in the Binder with the story name. As I said, that will be ok until I have to create a new TOC, at which point I anticipate I’ll have to go back to the Chapter names in the Binder, recreate the TOC, and then change them again. Clunky, but it works.

I think I understand the difficulty in trying to select particular page breaks for the selection mechanism, so, even if I hadn’t found this way around, I wouldn’t be too upset if you elected to use your energies in other areas.