Any Keyboard Command to Change Text Color?

Hello to the members of the forum and to the folks at Literature and Latte.

Let me start by saying I love this product. I tell all my friends about it.

Now… to the issue.

Does scrivener have a keyboard command that lets me change the text color to the one I’ve selected on the Big A? I’m editing my friend’s work, and she doesn’t use Scrivener, so I wanted to put blue notations everywhere, directly on the .rtf file. It would be so much easier to input a keyboard command instead of always clicking to change the text color.

If Scrivener doesn’t have this function—and if someone from Literature and Latte is listening—do you think you folks could add it?

Thanks for listening, and—wow!—what a great product.


For these types of markings, wouldn’t either Inline Annotations or Comments be a better approach? When you compile back to RTF you can set these to be exported as RTF comments (the type that show up in margin boxes in Word) instead of being stripped out, in the Footnotes & Comments pane.

That aside, we do have plans for a better approach to revisions using text colour, but in a way where you wouldn’t have to keep setting it over and over. It will just always type in red (or blue or whatever), even when switching documents.

AmberV, thank you for your immediate response! I really appreciate it.

What you suggest sounds like something I want. I’m just not sure how it would look, or if it would work exactly as I want it to. I don’t want to do all these edits and have to redo them because it’s not formatted the way I imagine it should be.

Also, my client is using iOS7, and I’m using Windows, and I’m unsure if anything would be lost in the transfer. So I figure it would be best to keep the format as simple as possible.

I’m interested to know what you think.

And thanks again, AmberV.

It would depend on if they are using Pages or not, to the best of my knowledge. Pages can read .docx files, and has a comment browser in the app, so it would easy for them to jump from one comment to the next. I just tested it a moment ago and it worked good. I compiled as RTF from Scrivener and then used Word to make the .docx, to be safe. Unfortunately Pages cannot read RTF files.

Ioa’s answer about using comments or annotations is probably what you’re really after, but just to sneak in here for a minute, there is a keyboard shortcut for toggling the pre-set font colour on and off. You’ll need to pick the colour first from the format bar A menu button, and then Ctrl+G, Ctrl+H will toggle that on and off as you’re working, i.e. it will switch to that colour or switch back to the default editor colour. You can change the shortcut in the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options if you like.

AmberV, thank you for this info! I didn’t know I needed this info, but it turns out I did!

MimeticMouton, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I had tried this, but I didn’t realize I had to toggle Ctrl+G and then Ctrl+H in sequence. Now I know, and this problem is solved. c:

Thanks, everybody.

You can actually press and hold the Ctrl key and then tap G and H in turn and release Ctrl, which makes it simpler.

This doesn’t work for me to change color of annotations. Let’s be sure I understand the instructions: I place cursor anywhere in the annotation, click on A in the format bar and select the color I want to change to, press Ctrl+G then Ctrl+H in sequence? Nothing happens. I am using latest version of Scrivener in Windows 10.

Inline annotations always use the colour set in the Appearance tab of Tools > Options (drill down to Colors > Editor > Annotation Text).

No Colors under Tools/Options/Appearance. I did find Tools/Options/Appearance/Editor/Annotation text and that worked. But all those earlier posts before mine are not valid? Maybe changed with newest version? I don’t think I misunderstood them. ???

Sorry, by “Colors” I was referring to the label in that section of the Appearance pane. Below it is another tree for “Fonts”. Glad you were able to find it.

The confusion I think is that the conversation veered from applying colour to normal text as a way to indicate it was a note to using the actual inline Annotation feature. Inline annotations always use the color specified in Options and can’t be changed directly in the editor with the “Text Color” command.

If you select text outside of the annotation and then use the Ctrl+G, Ctrl+H shortcut, it should apply the text colour. Likewise, if you have the insertion point outside the annotation and toggle on the colour, then begin typing, it should use the colour you’ve set in the format bar.

Thanks, Jennifer. All clear now.