Any keyboard-only way to edit document title in binder?



Who’da’thunk’it :slight_smile: Missing on the shortcuts list on the wiki …

Or Escape (or Enter if “enter creates new documents” is turned off in Navigation prefs).

I was also puzzled by the Enter key’s functionality in the binder and the corkboard until I discovered the pref to change it.

Is this option mentioned in the tutorial? I apologize if it is and I missed it.

I’d like to suggest considering reversing the default setting of this option. Having Enter create new documents suits a particular work style, I’m sure, but turning it off creates an environment that behaves much more like the Finder and, I’m guessing, a lot of other software (for better or worse).
EDIT: plus, Cmd-N is still handy.

On the other hand, using the Enter key to create items is entirely natural and pervasive behaviour amongst outliners, which in my opinion Scrivener is more like than the Finder.

Ah. Well, I’m glad the option’s there, at any rate.