any keyboard shortcut to switch cork board synopsis to image

Hi Keith, Anyone,

I’m using Scrivener to write documentary scripts and therefore also using its ability to add an image to synopses a LOT. This is extremely useful when looking at Corkboard view to get an overview of the look of the film together with text synopses of the interview or commentary content.

However, there is one small but irritating and time-consuming issue: needing to mouse-click and use the drop-down menu each time to select image rather than text in the Synopsis before dragging in an image file. It would be super useful to have a keyboard shortcut to achieve this; and/or - even better - at the inputting stage to have a preference to be able to display all document synopses in Inspector as fields awaiting images to be dragged in; and then, when reviewing in Corkboard view, to have the option to display images where they exist otherwise text synopses.

Possible? Desirable?



I think this is a reasonable request - for the shortcut, at least. Let me ponder on it.


super. Thanks Keith.
As a doc film maker, Scrivener is an essential piece of my workflow, by the way. Thank you for designing it…

UPDATE: Kevin answered my question in another thread. In the upper right-hand corner of the synopsis box, there’s a tiny drop-down menu with two icons: a plain one for text and a colorful one for images. Choose the image icon. Then you can drag an image from Finder into the synopsis box.

How are you doing this??? I’ve been searching and searching for a way to add photos to my synopses! I didn’t see an answer in the manual. I definitely tried right-clicking, to no avail. Exactly how do you drag and drop? Or where do you right click?