Any known iOS/iPadOS 15 glitches?

Greetings, programs.

Given the release of iOS/iPadOS 15 this week, are there any concerns with using Scrivener on it? Any known glitches?

I won’t update my iPhone until the first patch, but I’d like to get it on my iPad (which is where I use Scrivener mobile) sooner than that.

I haven’t run into any Scrivener glitches on iOS 15 that weren’t there in iOS 14, but I’m not using it heavily. I’m not using iPadOS at all…

The only one we are currently aware of is the Draft Navigator feature (what is closest to Scrivenings mode on the desktop) does not function at all on iOS 15. You’ll just get a list of dividers basically, because the text content is not printing.


Not sure if that really changed, but I think with iOS 14, every time I opened Scrivener, it was checking and successfully detecting any changes in Dropbox, asking if I wanted to sync. Since iOS 15, I always need to trigger the sync manually.

Anyone else seeing this or am I imagining things?

No, I had to go back into the Settings app Scrivener settings and turn those things back on. Not sure why those settings got reset, but now they’re behaving.

Thanks for noting, Ioa - gone on my 15.1v2 beta also, so looks like it’s a thing where Scrivener iOS needs updating.

It’s too nice a feature to be without it, no?

Best, as you know…

It’s not unusual for both Mac OS and iOS updates to silently change settings, especially for actions that are supposed to be automatic. It sort of makes sense as crash prevention in case the new OS broke something, but it would be nice if they threw up an error message, too.

In any case, always check the settings if something mysteriously stops working, even if you’re “sure” you had it configured correctly before.

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