any more young'ins?

Just wondering. I find myself on the boards daily now that my homework load has grown. Sweet procrastination (from school work), what would I do without thee?

Young lady,
Even on Scriveners lower deck, i.e. , [i]A.N.F.T.L[/i] ( only the bilge and bilge rats (Portlanders) beneath us) although standard wallow in the sewer, I have to point out that, there are indiscretions even the flotsam n` jetsam of the bottom deck frown upon. Procrastination and offtopicking will earn you severe sanctions by the forum moderators.

Well, then let me rephrase.

Are there any more people using Scrivener who write often and are around the ages of young-post grad browsing the boards? And who drink coffee copiously?

Thank you for making me feel old.

“Are there any more people using Scrivener who write often and are around the ages of young-post grad browsing the boards? And who drink coffee copiously?”

The best of us sniff glue and the worst of us sniff the sniffers.


Drinking coffee prevents aging. [size=60]That was a lie, but science will probably show it prevents cancer or something in five years, like how they constantly go between “Red meat is good for you.” and “Red meat kills.”[/size]

Well…then I’m glad I don’t sniff glue.

My apologies for misleading you as to the presence of life forms at sub ANFTL level, i.e. ,the bilge and bilge rattus rattus. You`ve just encounter an even lower life form: the sewerborg, Paul, thequietone. Again, my apologies Afri.
Take care

That’s quite all right, Fluff. As long as someone isn’t sniffing me, particularly in search of glue-scent, my day is good.

Well, I commend you, stardust, on your openmindedness and willingness to hang around with the geriatric set. I tried to give Scriv to my son and daughter and they both rebuffed me. The ignorance of youth. :unamused:

Scriv was a godsend for the first draft of my novel, but NOTHING compared to its indescribably lifesaving indispensability for my second, third, fourth, ad infinitum revisions. I now have a shrine to Keith in my office, in front of which I bow on a daily–nay, hourly!–basis. The quicker the mind and memory disintegrate, the more essential Scriv becomes to basic functioning.

We are all young at heart and in mind here. Just not in the flesh anymore. (Some of us closer in temperament to childhood than others.) :blush:

Coffee prevents Gout

Coffee May Curb Liver Cancer

Study: Coffee, tea help prevent diabetes

Israeli study shows coffee prevents bad breath

Coffee prev… wait, what? Bad Breath? :confused:

Nahh! Yve got that wrong. Its the Holy Distillation, [size=150]Jameson[/size] that does that :wink:

Ok, I’d buy that. :smiley:

@Mollys Mum young at heart is what counts, I think. I plan on not becoming a grown-up myself. Of course, adulthood is quite inevitable, but if I can avoid being a grown-up I will be happy. And I agree that Scrivener is a life saver; I’ve been very sparingly using my trial version since the end of November and finally bought the full yesterday.

@Kendric I will be printing those out and pasting them on my refrigerator.

@vic-k that does also help for nausea, headaches, and general malaise. (We never go to deepest Africa without a bottle)

Ah…I am procrastinating again. I should return to the world of cellular biology.

Hey! :smiley: Dy mean under the table in the Red? That`s where I live! Wave so I can see y!

I walked right into that one. waves

Given the sharks, barracudas, and pirañas, that crew the Good ship Scriv, youll very soon come to appreciate, that,'Walking into that!', is a recurring hazard. Youll get used to it.

Are you aware that Mollys Mum is an accomplished horsewoman? If you look two threads below,in, ‘She Rides!!!’ you will see a familiar face, on horseback.
Take care

Ah, thanks for the heads up…I think I would have missed that :wink:


(1) Just look for “tweakers” for signs of copious coffee drinking. You can tell by all the twitching and fast talking that they are on their 5th pot of java for the morning.

(2) Look for signs of youth like thinking an “8 Track” is a NASCAR race, blank stares when asked why “High Speed Dubbing” and “Dual Tape Decks” were the greatest thing invented, Not understanding why “Hello World” was so amazing, never thinking that 4MB of RAM and a 20 MB hard drive was plenty, Not remembering why a two button tv remote was nicknamed a “clicker”, not understanding the difference between UHF and VHF when it came to buying a tv, not knowing why aluminum foil and clothes hangers go hand in hand with “rabbit ears”. Or blank stares when one is driving and lost they would first look in the glove box to find their way.Not remembering when MTV only played music videos, the threat of Pop-Rocks and Soda, not learning the value of using a table edge or disposable cigarette lighter as a bottle opener, or the meaning behind the phrase “Paper or Plastic”.

(3) Age is nothing more than a tool to measure one’s ability to avoid cardiac arrest. Its like keeping score.

(4) Its never to late to have a happy childhood.

(5) What if you forgot how old you are?

(6) What if you forgot the original question?

(7) You would be able to answer this riddle

And the final test…

What is this famous pharse?

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, B, A, Start



  1. Unless they’re addicted. In which case they’ll only twitch if they haven’t reached their 5th pot. Not that I’d know…

  2. Darn. I knew them all. :blush:

  3. Good. So far, I’m ahead.

  4. Better. I must remember to tell my clients that.

  5. I’d miss my birthday.

  6. What original question? Oh…

  7. Seems like the manager is pulling the leg of his young bell-boy by confusing the poor lad. He’s already got $25 (+3 refund +2 bellboy).

  8. Ahhh - fell at the last hurdle. What the… ? :question: :cry: :unamused: