Any new release build should bump the version #

I’ve noticed reading around the forums that there are versions labeled 2.0 that have a higher build number than mine (I downloaded on day one of release), yet when I ask scrivener to check for updates it says I am up to date. I’d like to request that any new release (that is any binary with different bits, even when the bits fix an obscure bug I’ll probably never see) bump the version number so that my copy of scrivener can detect an update.

I think ultimately that will help everyone - including you, since there will be people who miss mini build updates will come to the forum reporting bugs that have been fixed in later builds.

A typical scheme for this is the three part build number ..<bug fix/build number>. A change to the last number would indicate a bug fix only build with no feature additions or functional change. But of course all that really matters is that scrivener can detect that there is an update.


I’ve explained this several times to users who have asked, but you can ignore what’s been going on with the updated build numbers unless you’ve experienced any crashes or major problems. Obviously normally version numbers get bumped. I’ve been doing this several years and am not a complete amateur (any more…). :slight_smile: (The last version of Scrivener 1. was 1.54, which should give you a clue - and the only reason I couldn’t adhere to the 1.5.4 scheme in 1.x was because of a bug in the automatic update in 1.x.) I’m hard at work on version 2.0.1, which is the first official bug-fix update to 2.0. I just uploaded some new builds during the week for users experiencing various problems, but I wasn’t about to push out 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 all in the matter of three or four days - it would have been very annoying for regular users not experiencing problems to have received four or five automatic updates in the first week. The updated builds have been for users here to test out fixes along the way to 2.0.1, to eradicate the worst problems. All official updates will always have a new version number and will go out via automatic updates. If you’re taking part in the forums then of course feel free to download the updated builds, but otherwise you can just ignore them until the official updates kick in.

Is there a centralized place where new small builds can be found? I’m totally with you on the “don’t make everyone download a daily build unless they want to” thing, but as it happens, I am having a crash issue – likely related to my coworker using my work computer and messing with my settings, what do I need to do, put itching powder on the keys? ahem – and banging around the forums helplessly is not my idea of a good time. I have writing to do! :slight_smile:

Sorry you’re having issues. Try re-downloading from the main site, in case your crashing issue is one I’ve fixed in one of last week’s uploads (many crashes were fixed in the first couple of days). If that doesn’t help, be sure to send me your crash report - and you can also e-mail us at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com to make sure it gets looked at more quickly because I have a backlog of crash reports to get through. Or post your crash report in a new thread on the Technical Support forum and I’ll take a look at it.


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