Any news on iPhone versions?

I have been out of touch a little bit with this site for a while, but I remember someone was working on an iPhone app. Is there any news on this?


No, no one at L&L was ever working on an iPhone app (there’s only me and David and L&L and David isn’t a coder…). I did ask for feedback on what might ever go into an iPhone app, but that’s as far as it got. All my efforts go towards Scrivener 2.0; I still see no essential value in an iPhone Scrivener except as a gimmick and marketing tool, and as a one-man coding tool it wouldn’t be beneficial for Scrivener to have me stretch myself across two different projects when Scrivener itself is such a big project. There’s a guy with the handle “Wizlord” who is developing a novel-writing app for the iPhone which you can check out on the Software for Other Folk thread. As for Scrivener, I’d probably be more interested in finding some way of hooking into existing iPhone apps, such as Wizlord’s or SuperIndexCards.
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This is the thread you may remember. When I last looked the developer was using the hiatus before the release of the iPhone OS 3.0 to debug his software.

The launch yesterday of DataViz’s Documents to Go for the iPhone and its desktop app looks like providing another route to getting Scrivener documents on to the device in an editable form, if that’s what you want.