Any news on tracking and calculating over-target wordcounts?

As part of the Target options, I would dearly love a facility as part of the metadata to show when a document or group of documents is over-target, and by how much.

It’s not just journalists who have to work to strict wordcounts, book-writers do too, and even if you won’t get your contract cancelled just because it’s a bit over what you promised, it can be a very useful part of keeping an eye on the balance and proportions of a baggy monster of a novel…

I see in this post from 2014 that it was said to be on its way - but is there any news?

It does not appear to be fully functional yet, but the framework is in place in the Windows 3 beta. The features provided will be:

  • The option to show overrun amount as a “second” progress bar.
  • A threshold within which overrun is ignored (so if you don’t care if you’re ten words over you can set that to something reasonable).
  • A minimum target, making the regular target a maximum.

Thanks so much, Amber. Those sound really useful, so hopefully when the finalised version comes out they’ll be functional