Any plans to incorporate MyColumn functionality???

As I’ve said before, it’s a fabulous writing tool!


No, no plans to incorporate it… I think this is explained with the MyColumn download or somewhere, but basically I didn’t like writing in columns, I found it clunky, which is why I decided against incorporating it… Interesting that some disagree… Hmm, I may have to test out MyColumn again myself!

All the best,

To be fair, it isn’t all that different from writing on multiple adjacent pages. :smiling_imp:

or worse than working in word.

The only method I’ve seen that is more horrific than Word would be de Sade’s interface of blood and prison walls, which just barely, almost slightly, squeaks under Word’s otherwise impermeable wall of horror.

I really enjoy the phrase “otherwise impermeable wall of horror”. Very evocative!

I can’t visualize Amber’s two screens scenario.

Back to MyColumn:

MyColumn and Tofu share one common and unique strength - the ability to read vast amounts of text in very quick and informative sweeps. I know of no other way to achieve this, and I have been using both for many years now. I get the feeling that MyColumn is sadly obscure from writers in general, and even from its creator for whom it must originally have been an act of great love.

Oh well. Back to Sunday: A dog & human walking, a cousin’s 60th birthday and a full moon meditation. And writing always.


Nor can I. For my work, on my machine, the MC/Tofu model IS much different from “writing on multiple adjacent pages.”

Perhaps I have too small a screen, or too few of them.


Ahh, such sweet utterances. My Lady`s words, invoke such lust fuelled longings, in my boney old bosom.
Le D :smiling_imp:

Who let you off your leash?