Any problems reported working with Onedrive?

I’m getting a strange problem.

When I use Onedrive to sync files between laptop (Win8.1) and my PC (Win7), my laptop’s scrivener says the project is incompatible.

Both Scriveners are, so there isn’t a version issue with Scrivener.

In addition, if I use home networking, I don’t get this problem.

I used dropbox for a while and didn’t have this problem, but decided I try Onedrive.

Yes, OneDrive does not always work properly with Scrivener’s file format. You can try the directions here to adjust the settings and see if that helps; otherwise you may want to go back to Dropbox, or work by uploading a zipped file to OneDrive and downloading that on the second computer to work, then zipping it and saving back to OneDrive, etc.

The directions did jive with what I was seeing, but there is an option in OD’s setting to make files available offline.

I’ll see if that works. Might still go back to DB because, really MS, all that money and all those brains working for you and you didn’t see this as a possible problem. No one stood up and said, “syncing files means making available offline.”

Thank M.

PS: Is that a Portal turret as your avatar?

Yep! :slight_smile: