Any reason to buy Scrivener over and above MAS version?

Hello all,

Just want to check. Given that Macupdate is running a super deal on Scrivener at the moment, is there any benefit to be had by purchasing the “direct” version as well? I bought my version through the MAS - but don’t mind paying again if there would be advantages (quicker updates etc.)? Any thoughts?

If you buy the MAS version, you can download and run the version direct from L&L (which is what I have done) … so long as you have run the MAS version at least once to register the licence.

L&L updates come out slightly before MAS updates, simply because of the time that the MAS approval process takes. … e-customer

Many thanks – I didn’t know that was possible.
I think I’ll keep things as are then – but good to know there is an option, should I wish to go that route.

Welcome :smiley: