Any Scrivener experts available for hire? (Small job re. compile settings)

Hi there!

I’ve recently edited a book in Scrivener 3, but the compile settings I used were on Scrivener 2 (on my old computer). I’ve somehow managed to import some of the project settings, but not all of them – so the headings, subheadings, page breaks, etc. are a bit of a mess!

I’d love to hire someone who can work from a PDF of the “correct” book to figure out the correct compile settings I need to use on Scrivener 3.

Is anyone available for this kind of job?

Any questions, just ask!


Some of the members of this forum are also on the Facebook groups, Scrivener Users and Scrivener Mac Heads where they have given great and detailed advice. Several will also remote in with users to step them through processes. Perhaps join and post, never know your luck.

I’m looking for exactly the same thing. Not a facebook guy, so am also looking to pay for expert help and guidance in trying to compile my novel for export to the Publisher

Looking for expert help, too. Recommendatiosn?

Have you found some help? I’m looking for expert help, too.


For a suitably generous fee, yes. I suspect what I’d want for the job, for example, would be significantly more than anyone would want to pay.