Any Scrivener / Mac experts in NYC?

I’m in the last stretch of a book manuscript (pub date is Nov 1, 2011), and I can’t find a research file that I need. Over the last year, I’ve created many different versions of the manuscript in Scrivener, and I haven’t named them in a clear way – most are simply dated, and a Spotlight search has not helped me locate the missing file.

At this point, the revised manuscript is due in less than three weeks, and I need something quicker than forum suggestions. I’d like to find someone who lives in / near NYC, is very adept at Scrivener for Mac, and would be available to help me one-on-one.

Am I desperate? Obviously. Would I be grateful? Oh yes. I’ll even throw in a free copy of the book…


This is a long shot, but you could try EasyFind

It’s free, and it doesn’t rely on the Spotlight index, which may not be complete. It will be slow, but might be worth a try.

Best of luck, Martin.