Any solution to This Problem?

I’m starting a new book, and writing scene synopses. I use the character names, but some may change in the future.

Is there any way to do a search and replace in the synopses?


You can limit Project Replace to synopses.

When I can’t decide on character names I use abbreviations. MMC and FMC, and 2MMC and 2FMC, etc. Then when I’ve settled on appropriate names I do a global search and replace. One November the MMC in my NaNoWriMo novel that year went for two weeks being known as “MMC”.

Thanks. I had never noticed Project Replace.

BUG: When I choose Edit/Find/Project Search, nothing happens. That is the menu goes away and that’s all.

Ah, I see. Edit/Find/Project Search simply puts the caret into the Search box. It just seems like a bug.

Note that the next menu item down, “Project Replace” brings up the more familiar “search” window, but its designed for doing replacements, not finding instances of a word or phrase.