Any such thing as a "column break" in Scrivener?

While Scrivener doesn’t have columns in the editor, some compile options do allow for multiple column output (RTF is the one I use). Is there any way for me to insert a “column break” for the separators between files in the compile settings? Does such a thing even exist in the RTF spec?

I know that Nisus Writer is based on the RTF format, but I’m not sure if the column break is an extension. I tried to select it from Nisus and paste back in a Scrivener compile preset, but I don’t think anything actually transferred into the custom separator text box.

Would compiling to doc/docx help me at all here?

I’m afraid I don’t know of anything that does this. The RTF spec does support column breaks (using the \column control), but I don’t think there is anything in the macOS text system that gets converted to this. Apple’s RTF converter is set up to convert form feed characters (U+000C) to page breaks in RTF, but with no column support in Apple’s RTF converter, there is no column break support either.

Okay, thanks. At least I can stop chasing my tail now.

I’ll just insert a special character then, and in Nisus, search an replace column breaks, assuming I can do that.

I would think it must be possible to do that in NWP, and you could then macro-ize it and give the macro a shortcut …