Any talk of introducing support for other cloud services such as onedrive?

I just got an ipad and love scrivener for ios. Wish there was one for android to give more tablet options seeing as I am an Android guy but for now this is great.

Is there any chance of increasing support for other cloud services, namely onedrive? I have no idea how difficult this is, but I know usually apps that offer cloud syncing will offer it for several different cloud services. Reason I ask is that I am already committed to paying for onedrive, so it would be nice to keep everything in one place.


Other cloud services have been discussed multiple times.

Short answer, at this time none other than Dropbox correctly support the Scrivener project format.

I would like to +1 support for additional cloud services. Dropbox recently decided to implement a device limit for free accounts, which if evernote is any indication this means they’re probably not doing well as a company. Evernote did the same thing in attempts to push revenue and it’s not helped them that much.

So far I only use dropbox these days for scrivener and this limitation is limiting my use of this software considering how many devices I have and how much more reasonable storage fees are through other cloud services. I understand that getting Scrivener 3 our for Windows takes priority (considering it’s apparently been in beta for 2-3 years?!) but I hope this is at least on the product roadmap.

Per Astaff response, it’s not a matter of L&L getting around to supporting. It is that no other cloud service correctly handles the Scrivener project structure. Apart from re-writing Scrivener from the ground up and probably losing a lot of what makes it so great, there seems no way to achieve with those cloud services at this time.

L&L staff have explained this in many threads making this same request.

You could always contact Google, Microsoft etc and ask them to tweak their offerings to correctly handle Scrivener projects.