Any templates available for a medical research paper?

I do cardiology clinical research. Scrivener looks to be perfect for my needs. But I can’t seem to find the template for a research paper I see mentioned in some posts. Can anyone help? Morry Hodges

Well you could make your own templates so they fit your needs exactly.
Create a new Folder and Name it something like SCR Templates or something.

Inside that folder create 3 folders.
(1) Templates
(2) Compile Settings
(3) Preferences

Create a new project. Name this project something like Master or something so you can use this one project to create all the templates you need. Save this in your SCR Templates Folder so now you would have four files inside it. This Master Template SCR file and 3 folders.

After you have your new project set go through and set everything up like you would like. I would create a Folder or folders (inside Scrivener) for the various default folders you would like to have in your template. Set their settings, fonts, etc exactly how you would like them to appear. Name them accordingly.

Then set up a blank document or documents with default settings you prefer. Also set your preferences and Compile Manuscript settings. Now in your Compile Manuscript Settings in the bottom left hand corner is a load and a save button. After you have a Compile Setting that works for you click Save and save this into your SCR Templates Folder inside the Compile Settings Folder. Name it accordingly

(Example I have a compile setting for a “book Manuscript” which is a saved setting named Book Manuscript. I have another setting that I use for quick proofing that uses a different font and does not double space which I named Proof Print. When I want to proof print I click Load and I load my PROOF PRINT settings and everything is set. If I want to then output the same file in manuscript form I choose Load and load the Book Manuscript setting.)

Now In your PREFERNCES at the bottom of the GENERAL tab you will see a pulldown menu that says MANAGE. When you click on that is has a Save Preference and a Load Preference selection. Set your preferences to the way you like everything then CLick Manage, and select Save Preferences.
Name the preference file accordingly and save them inside your SCR Templates - Preferences Folder. If you want to load a preference you go to this one folder and load whatever preferences you wish.

(example. I have one called FULL SCREEN low Light which sets the fotns and colors for full screen to something that is easier on my eyes in low light conditions. I have another for bright light, etc.)

Ok so now you have default preferences for Scrivener set, You have some Compile Settings set and you have a Project (Master Template) made with default folders and documents that have the settings you wish to use.

Now go under file. Click Save As Template. Save it into your SCR Templates Folder and name it accordingly.

YOu can use this one Master file to “create” different blank SCR projects with different settings an just resave as a template with a new name.

So you may have one for say Medical Journal another for say Medical Report maybe another for say Research Reports, etc…

Hope that helps?