Any thought given to adding the Scrivener and L&L icons to the simpleicons package?

I like to keep up to date with the latest LaTeX packages using TeX Live Utility, and I often peruse through the latest updates. Today’s updates included an update for the simpleicons package. What I understand is that the package is meant to be a repository for commercial, brand name icons.

Just for fun, I checked to see if there was an icon for either Scrivener, or Literature and Latte. The package does not appear to include icons for either.

It might be nice for those of us using LaTeX to give a nod to either Scrivener, L&L or both in our finished documents, alongside whatever acknowledgements we might provide for the software app and/or the L&L support website.

N’est-ce pas?

For additional info and feature requests on the GitHub repository


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+1 from me, though someone will need to design the black+white versions of the logos…

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