Any way of re-downloading the old version?

I recently updated to v. 2.7. I’m actually not sure which version I had before that, I think it was the last one, but I’m not sure.

To be honest: I think this visual redesign was a bad idea. I get very frustrated when using my beloved scrivener now. It seems to be based on the new flat design language of apple. But this has made the user interface much less intuitive and user friendly. Many buttons seem smaller, they are harder to distinguish, etc. When it comes to the button for entering fullscreen mode, for example: In the last version, I had no problem locating it and pressing on it. With this version, I always spend one second extra looking for it. The old button was black, with clear borders, bigger (I think?), and easy to find. This new button has borders that are less defined, it seems smaller, and it’s more anonymous. This makes it more difficult to find the button and to press it, even though I know where it is. Since I quite often switch between fullscreen mode and normal mode, this redesign has made it more cumbersome to use the program.

So, my question: Is there any way of re-downloading the old version?
Or will you redesign the UI anytime soon in order to bring back some of the user-friendliness of the old version?

Scroll down this page for earlier versions.

This has been extensively discussed in previous threads in this forum, which a search will reveal.

Note that versions before 2.7 have known incompatibilities with OS X 10.11, El Capitan. Also, the project format change in version 2.7 was for compatibility with the upcoming iOS version of Scrivener. If either of these is important to you, you’ll need to upgrade eventually.

Also, the project format change is not reversible. To go back to version 2.6, you’ll need to revert your projects to the backups that Scrivener made before upgrading them, which will have names like “Project backup.scriv.”


Sorry, wasn’t aware of that… will take a look.

Thank you very much! Hm, well, I’m on El Capitan. And I’ve been wanting a iPad version for a very long time. So then I think the better choice is to make the best of the situation for now, and try not getting too annoyed with the new UI.

Just a final point concerning UI and software design:
I don’t know whether it has already been posted here, but in any case: This essay sums up rather clearly why the type of software design that Apple is championing these days is bad for usability and productivity:

The problem is not about aesthetics or things like that (people like different things), but about functionality, pure and simple. So – I hope the Scrivener team at some point will decide not to follow Apple’s lead any further down this road :slight_smile: